Founded in 2005, Lola Australia is designed by Western Australian fashion designer and devoted mother of two children, Perette Creighton. The Lola Australia brand encompasses Perette’s love of the jet-set bohemian chic style of poolside glamour dressing and travel.

Having worked in fashion for many years as a buyer of high end Australian fashion labels, Perette saw a break in the market to start her own label, Lola Australia. Perette felt the market lacked current, wearable clothing with a good fit. With Perette’s love of resort style clothing, colour, sparkles, lace and embroidery with beautiful cottons and silks, Lola Australia was born.

Lola Australia is incredibly versatile and durable, catering for women to wear on the beach, for cocktails by the pool and to wear whilst on overseas holidays. The designs are well cut, comfortable and glamorous and appeal to all ages.

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