About Us

Welcome to Zoe Clare

Zoe Clare is the new home of fashion in the Blue Mountains, where we offer a collection of timeless, classic and elegant pieces for the modern woman curated by Certified Style Coach™  Jen Whitehouse. 

Jen Whitehouse Blue Mountains Fashion Stylist

 Zoe Clare’s mission is to make women feel confident, stylish and empowered whatever their shape or size by providing high-quality products and instore styling services. It’s our belief that true style is timeless and that classic pieces never go out of fashion. Building a wardrobe that expresses your identity takes time and patience. 

Located in the heart of Leura, Zoe Clare is setting out to put Blue Mountains fashion on the map, with collections that range from flowy to form-fitting, niche to chic and everywhere in between, always with an eye on elegance and sustainability. Keenly aware of the challenges facing the fashion industry, Zoe Clare stands as an ethical alternative to the chain retail and fast fashion brands flooding the market today.

Zoe Clare Blue Mountains Fashion Clothing

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best, whether they’re stepping up their game or just stepping out for the day. Fashion is more than just the clothes we choose to wear, it’s our way of expressing and celebrating our unique identity to the world—Zoe Clare looks forward to helping you find the perfect pieces to enhance your personal style and express your inner elegance.

Styling Online

To take full advantage of the wide range of styles and pieces on offer from acclaimed designers such as Zoe KratzmannCazinc The Label and Once Was, Jen Whitehouse offers a bespoke online styling course to help women understand the art of creating their own unique style and put it into practice. To begin your style makeover journey, click the link below.


Jen Whitehouse Blue Mountains Fashion Stylist