Musk Parrot Scarf, by Ellissa Nolan

Ellissa Nolan

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Color: Musk Parrot


The Parrots of the Blue Mountains scarves, inspired by the Musk Parrot and designed by artist Ellissa Nolan, represent a blend of art and nature.

These scarves, made with wool and silk, not only showcase beautiful colors that represent the Musk Parrot but also provides warmth and comfort.

Packaged elegantly, they serve as tokens of elegance suitable for gifting. The collection promises ongoing new designs, inviting wearers on a captivating journey of style and sophistication.

Each scarf embodies the timeless allure of the Blue Mountains' bird inhabitants, offering a statement piece rather than just an accessory. Priced at $149.95, these scarves symbolize the beauty and luxury of the natural world, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to any wardrobe.