Sinead Cashmere Knit - Speed Stripe Khaki & Navy

Arlington Milne

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The Sinead Roll Neck Knit is a versatile and stylish choice for any occasion, whether you're dressing up for a night out or simply going about your day running errands. The oversized design of this knit allows for effortless layering and versatility, making it a wardrobe essential.

Key Features:
- Oversized design for easy layering and comfort
- Shorter length at the front adds a modern touch to the look
- Ribbed sleeves offer a fitted silhouette with freedom of movement
- Large, soft roll neck design adds a feminine and sophisticated charm

Embrace the chic and cozy vibes of the Sinead Roll Neck Knit, perfect for adding a touch of style to your outfits while staying comfortable and on-trend. Whether you're dressing it up or keeping it casual, this knit is sure to elevate your look with its unique design elements.