Planning your wardrobe cleanout and seasonal change is an important task that can help you maintain a functional and organised wardrobe. Here are some advantages of switching out your seasonal wardrobes and a step-by-step process to guide you through the cleaning and organising process:
  1. Creates a biannual opportunity to clean out your wardrobe.
  2. Keeps your wardrobe current, clean, and functional for your current lifestyle.
  3. Helps you identify any purchasing errors and learn from them.
  4. By storing your out of season items away when you open the plastic container six months later it is all new and exciting for the new season. When you see your items hanging in your wardrobe everyday they become boring and unexciting.

Goal of Your Wardrobe Cleanout

The goal of your wardrobe cleanout is to create a collection of clothing that reflects your lifestyle, body shape, and personality. 

The Declutter Process

  1. Empty Your Closet: Start by emptying all the clothes from your wardrobe to have a clear view of what you own.

  2. Assess Each Item:
      • Is it past its use-by date?
      • Do you like this item, and would you buy it today?
      • Have you worn it in the last two years?
      • Does it suit your colour characteristics?
      • Does it fit properly?
      • Do you feel good when wearing it?
      • Does the item need refreshing, such as washing, dry cleaning, or ironing?
  3. The Maybe Pile: Try on items in the "Maybe Pile" last and only keep items that you truly love.

  4. Sorting Piles:
        • Rubbish: Items that are no longer wearable and cannot be donated.
        • Charity: Items in good condition that you would buy from a charity shop.
        • Washing, Soaking, Dry Cleaning, Mending Basket: Items that need a bit of care and attention before they can be worn again.
        • Maybe Bucket: Items that you're unsure about and need to consider once the wardrobe is totally cleaned out and put back together. Try these items on and only put back the items you truly love, will wear and add value to your fresh curated collection for the season (this bucket is always the difficult one).

By following this process, you can effectively clean out your wardrobe, update it for the upcoming season, and ensure that the clothing you own truly reflects your style and needs.

Remember, a well-organised and curated wardrobe can make getting dressed each day a more enjoyable experience.

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