Tips on Preserving Your Cashmere and Merino Clothing

Luxurious natural fibres like cashmere and merino wool have always been valued for their exquisite texture and exceptional quality.

Despite their higher production expenses, these materials are admired for their strength, softness, and eco-friendliness. By properly tending to your natural fibre clothing, you can extend their lifespan, maintaining their elegance and functionality.

Below are some key pointers for looking after your cashmere and merino pieces:

1. Delicate Cleaning and Upkeep

To ensure the lasting quality of your natural fibre attire, it's best to reduce washing. Often, simply airing out your sweater or cardigan post-use is sufficient. To ward off moths, consider using cedar balls in your closet to safeguard your cherished items.

For newer knits needing a wash, choose a wool wash setting on your machine or employ a gentle cold wash cycle where there isn't a dedicated wool setting available. Remember to utilise a laundry bag to shield the delicate fibres throughout the washing process.

Before machine washing, inspect for any stains and address them with a mild pre wash solution to stop them from becoming set in. While hand washing is preferred for cashmere, many garments can tolerate a gentle machine wash when kept in a protective laundry bag.

You can learn more about how to hand wash your natural fibre garments here.

2. Properly Drying a Sweater

Regardless of whether you opt for hand washing or using it is advised against putting your pullovers in the dryer or wringing them out by hand. Wringing can damage the fibres, especially when they are wet, as they become more fragile. This could lead to distorting the shape of your pullover.

Step 1: Eliminate Excess Water
Instead of wringing it, gently press the excess water out of your pullover by forming it into a ball. Once it's no longer dripping wet, lay it flat on a dry towel and mold it back to its original form.

Step 2: Absorb Moisture with a Towel
Fold the towel in half over your pullover, then roll it up along with the garment inside until most of the moisture is absorbed. Place it on a fresh towel to complete the drying process.


3. Stain Treatment

To maintain your cashmere pieces in between washes, opt for spot treating to remove stains. By promptly treating stains and minor soiling, you can prolong the period between washes, ensuring your cashmere isn't excessively handled or exposed to too much water.

4. Appropriate Storage

Prior to storing your cashmere and merino items, it's crucial to confirm that the fibres are clean and free of stains or smells. Even minor marks can become harder to eliminate over time, while fragrances from personal care products might attract pests. Utilise breathable storage bags crafted from linen or cotton to safeguard your natural fibres while enabling them to breathe.

Tending to natural fibres such as cashmere and merino wool requires attention to detail and gentle care. By adhering to these recommendations, you can preserve the beauty and durability of your beloved attire, ensuring they remain timeless investments in your wardrobe.

Remember, taking care of your natural fibres not only lengthens their lifespan but also promotes sustainable fashion practices. Embrace the opulent texture and resilience of cashmere and merino, understanding that your considerate maintenance routine will keep them appearing and feeling their finest for years to come.


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